It starts with me walking outside my house in the street in the middle of the night. The setting is pretty much flawlessly identical to what it would be if I actually was there. I live in a medium-low density suburban neighborhood with lots of tall trees and the houses being on average, 50 yards apart. So I'm about a block or so from my house, where a small stream goes through a drain under the road. I don't know quite why I'm walking outside in the wee hours in the morning, but I'm doing it. This is when things start to get macabre. All of the sudden, almost like a thunderclap, the serenity of the neighborhood disappears.

I can't quite describe it accurately, but it was fast, almost as if someone flipped an "aura" switch, turning the mood from normal, to maliciously evil. Along with this, I notice that there is an absolute silence that drowns everything else out. Normally, I can hear crickets chirping, and cars on the highway that runs about 400 yards from my house, but then there was nothing. Never in my life have I experienced such soul-sucking silence, which in itself seemed predatory. Abruptly, I feel the strange urge to look down on myself, and bizarrely I know exactly what I will see in advance. I am naked, with weird-ass runes and hieroglyphs carved into my body. The nasty part is that the blood is glowing, and is in freaky colors that shouldn't exist. I have never seen colors like those outside of these dreams.