We were never meant to explore the oceans. We are in grave danger if we do. The oceans are a danger zone. If we continue to defile and destroy the sanctity of our waters, we are getting into dire circumstances that cannot be fixed.

First of all, we are land mammals. It is obvious the ocean isn't our natural habitat. We are meant to be land bound, not sea bound. We are invading hostile territory.

There are things in the ocean unexplainable, that are smarter than us, and are willing to kill us to protect themselves. We are but a chimpanzee compared to them, and we are destroying their home.

The Bermuda Triangle was a sacred place to this people, scared off by the fishing industry. There are powers in the Bermuda triangle caused by structures that create underwater currents. The Bermuda Triangle is a sacred burial ground and the structures that create these underwater currents is a death trap to keep us out. These structures highly resemble the pyramids, with multiple holes going through them.

Hurricanes and Typhoons aren't natural anymore. They can occur naturally but they are stronger than they actually should be. They are being fueled by the people of the ocean to kill us. They are targeting highly populated areas of the world that pollute the ocean. This counts for most Earthquakes as well.

The Ring of Fire is a giant defense mechanism created by these people in hopes to scare people living on the coast to go back into the mainland.

These people heavily resemble our depiction of aliens. They want us dead.

I have told you all I know. It is pieces and information that I got quickly before they found me. I am going to make another run for information tomorrow to fill in the holes.

There are massive creatures in the ocean. the oceans are deeper than we think. These creatures can devour blue whales easily, like a wolf versus a rabbit.

We are doomed, people. The ocean is no man's land. There are unspeakable horrors who want us dead.