I was going to greentext my story but it'd be easier for me to just type the whole thing out.

A couple weekends ago my friends and I went into the city for my bud's birthday and we were staying at a small hotel. The night we get there we all head straight to the bar to party until the wee hours. I'm a party pooper so after a few hours I tell them I'm gonna go back to the hotel and I'll see them later. At the hotel I see a woman trying to get her baby carriage up the stairs. That's odd because there is an elevator. I tell her I'm going to use the elevator and that maybe it would be easier for her if she does, too. She smiles and gets in with her baby carriage. Now this is not a normal stroller, this is an actual carriage like pic related. Who uses those anymore? Anyway, it's just us in the elevator as the doors shut in front of us. She says her floor is the 3rd, which is right after mine. There's an awkward silence but she doesn't seem to mind. She's just smiling at her baby and giggling, fixing the blankets. How sweet, I think. She's just cooing to the baby softly. I peer inside and see a fucking baby doll. Just a doll. My blood ran fucking cold. Elevator reaches 2nd floor and I thank Jesus Christ as I step out and head to my room. The woman reaches her hand out and holds the elevator door open. "Excuse me," she says. I turn around and see that she has a serious expression on her face. "I know you saw him." She said this with an eerie softness. I just smile nervously and continue walking to my room. I hear the elevator doors close as I get the room door open. Just to be sure I check the hall to see if she followed me. She didn't, thank God.

Basically noped the rest of the night and when I told my friends they thought it was fucked up but otherwise didn't care.